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Here you will find information to help you understand and explore your emotional experiences as a Muslim within Britain. Emotional experiences can be confusing and at times, distressing. As British Muslims, our religious and cultural identities can influence our emotional experiences.

It is therefore important to make sure that our beliefs are understood, especially when we decide to get support for our emotional health. It is likely that each of us identifies with our religion and culture differently and this may also change with time. The fluidity and unique nature of our identities means that we may find solace for our emotional difficulties in different ways to each other. It is important for us to know how, where and when to seek support to meet our specific needs.

Our team have been working together since June 2020, amidst the pandemic, to find a way to bring you information on both Islamic and mainstream approaches to alleviating emotional distress. We hope that this hub will provide you and your family with the information needed to improve and maintain your emotional wellbeing at home and where necessary, to find someone appropriate to support you and your loved ones with any difficulties that you may be facing.
Shouldn't my faith be enough?

Sometimes, we may feel that we ought to know how to stay well as we have Allah and His religion to turn to. Knowing that Allah will always be with us can, of course, be an everlasting comfort; but sometimes there is benefit in speaking to a professional about how we are feeling.

Speaking to someone or trying to understand your distress does not undermine your connection with Allah and nor does it conflict with it. If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health, this does not indicate that your faith is weak. We all need support at times, and it is healthy to talk things through – it can help to unpick difficult circumstances or feelings that are causing you distress.

What can mainstream services offer the Muslim community?

Living in Britain, we are fortunate to have the National Health Service which offers a range of services free of charge, designed to support those who are struggling with their emotional health. In the same way that we might approach physical health, being able to manage our emotional health is a skill that requires nurture, attention, and time.

Managing emotional problems in their early stages can help to prevent the development of mental health difficulties in the future. Being Muslim, you may question whether professionals working within the health services will understand your religious or cultural beliefs – but we urge you not to dismiss these services. We are here to support you to get the help that you need, from the sources that feel most appropriate for YOU.

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